Friday, October 14, 2011

Movie Review: The Thing

I've been told that I do fantastic movie and book reviews – in person, that is.  I think it's because I tend to get excited (read: drunk), flail my arms like Kermit The Frog, and ramble on about what happened, what should have happened, and my opinions on both.

Sometimes this involves voices.  Usually this involves an obscure reference to something elese that isn't even relevant to the movie or book currently being discussed.  Example: Comparing the weird Italian Vampires in that second "Twilight" book to Eddie Izzard's impression of The Queen trying to figure out what a plumber does ("A Plumber?! What on Earth is that?!")…  Really, it only makes sense in my head.  All that being said, I've been told that while people might not have any idea what I'm on about, I'm at least amusing.  So… mission accomplished?

For October, I've decided to try to do some Horror Movie reviews here.  The criteria is that I wanted them to be either pre-1990s and/or B-Horror, and preferably ones that I haven't seen before.  Oh, and I am going to be intoxicated while watching and taking notes.

The first movie we watched was John Carpenter's 1981 version of The Thing.  I had never seen this, but it's one of Boyfriend's favourites, so I decided it would be the first on our list.  Honestly, I didn't even really know what it was about.  Hell, I didn't even know Kurt Russell was in it.

The Thing is about a group of American scientists in Antarctica (there for unknown reasons), who witness a Norwegian man in a helicopter trying to kill a dog.  The helicopter crashes and the man dies with no explanation as to what he was doing, and the team take the dog in.  During the night, the dog mutates and attacks the other dogs.  The team realizes that The Thing is a shape-shifting alien who can take over a body and assume it's form. They no longer know who to trust, if anyone.

I admit that I was a little off-put when I realize that this was Sci-Fi/Horror.  Not that I have a problem with that genre in general, but that wasn't what I really wanted to write about.  Still, I ended up finding this movie intriguing.

First off, the idea of total isolation is very scary.  Not only are they in Antarctica, but a giant storm has also cut them off from any radio communication.  Couple that with the fact that there is a shape shifting alien on the loose and one or more of your companions may be said alien. 

Secondly, the cast is entirely male.  I once had a scriptwriting teacher that said every movie has to have a love story (someone asked "What about Master & Commander" and the teacher said "It's about a man and his love for his boat."  What a load of crap, but I digress).  There really isn't a love story here, no love interests, no damsel in distress, no Femme Fatale, no BAMF!Female, no all male oh-god-were're-gonna-die love affair… The only love here is the characters' love of life – their desire for their own survival.

And finally, the open-ended ending.  I won't spoil the end, but it was done in such a way that you aren't really sure what happens after the credits roll.  You're still not sure if you trust anyone.  You're not sure if the the movie ends on a high note or a down note (like Empire).

So, that's my sober review.  If you are interested in my drunken note taking while watching, you can continue on.  If not, I'll leave you with a shot of Kurt Russell from The Thing.  He still manages to be dead sexy in the middle of an alien attack. In a snow storm. With a beard.  I mean look at his eyes!


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dresstember Weekend Recap Part 2

September happens to be the birth month of Boyfriend.  He doesn't make as big a deal of his birthday as I do, which is ok.  But we had an awesome party at his place an I had been saving my Kate Spade dress for the occasion.  I am so stoked on this dress – it looks like it was custom made and I never even tried it on!  I jumped a lot.  And I also discovered a zebra wine.

The next weekend Boyfriend, Michael, and I drove down to Ventura to go to our friend Nick's 33 1/3 birthday party.  About 4 hours of our drive down from the Bay Area was surrounded by a lightening storm, so naturally we blasted storm music and tried to take pictures (and ate our weight in tortilla chips, but that's neither here nor there).  And once we got there, my "cousin" Kate showed up and I got to meet the most amazing new friend, Ash.  Again, you're jealous of us.  I mean, just look (and not the lens flare. hott).

And that's a wrap on Dresstember.  Now we'll move on to October and I'll get the first few movie post up soon.  Huzza for October!

Dresstember Weekend Recap Part 1

So, strictly speaking this first part isn't from September, but it was right before when we went to Vegas.  I had been meaning to write about the trip anyway plus I wore this crazy skimpy Vegas dress.  I mean, the front was so low and slouchy that it's a good thing I don't have a big chest and the back was so short that I couldn't bend over.  So, it was pretty much perfect.

We ended up going out to a club inside/outside the Wynn.  It was kind of a mind-trip because it was like 90 ยบ out at night, so whenever I was under the lights I thought I was under heat lamps.  Also, I spent way too much on gin & tonics.  It was an experience, but you know, not really for me.

Two weeks later my "cousin" and one of my best friends, Kate, came to visit.  Kate and I have a curse that whenever we try to go visit one another: "snow storms," cancelled flights, county wide power outages, you know...

ANYWAY, once she did make it here, we got our Karaoke on with Boyfriend on Friday, and then on Saturday we went to Alcatraz, hit up the Ghirardelli chocolate festival, and finally danced the night away at Bootie.  It was amazing. You're jealous of us.

Stay tuned for part 2 of the Weekend Recap – The Party Weekends!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Catching Up with a Double Post

September was a crazy month, you guys.  Especially the last week – hence this getting posted so late.  But I did it!! I made it through Dresstember!! I just have to do the Weekend Recaps.

September 26 – 28

Monday – So, I wore this grey dress (Target - again) and this fantastic stripped blazer from Express to work.  Then, we had plans to go the Giants game so I came home and threw on tights and coat.  Of course I ended up putting on purple.  What are the odds that the one time I go to a Giants game we're playing the only purple team?  Yeah... I changed.

Tuesday – This is my first Kate Spade dress.  I was shopping with my best friend and "Our Mom" over Christmas and fell in love with this dress.  It was on sale, but it was still just too much... so "Our Mom" marches up to the sales lady and goes, "My daughter loves this dress but there's a loose string. What can you do?"  And you know what?  I got a discount.  It was a very Phyllis Nefler moment.

Wednesday – One of my favourite vintage inspired dresses from Banana Republic.  I love their jewel tones and they bring out my eyes... Also, this has like a flap that I can flip up and not have as much cleavage (as if I have boobs, right?!) at work.

September 29 & 30

Thursday – Boyfriend got me this Shabby Apple dress for Christmas last year.  I feel like a starlette when I wear it, but I don't wear it all that often.  Fabulous butons. 

Friday – A J. Crew strapless dress to celebrate the last day of Summer.  I love how it fades from dark pink at the bottom to white at the top and it reminds me of Gwen Stefani's wedding dress.  One last light and airy dress before the rain started this week.  Perfect timing. 

Stay tuned for the Weekend Recap and then my introduction for my October Theme!!