I've been reading MightyGirl for a while now.  To be honest, I would say that Maggie is probably more of my blogging inspiration than any other blog that I read. And one of the things that she has inspired me to do is to create a LifeList – a list of things that I want to accomplish in my life time, both big and small.  So, this is mine.

This list is in no particular order and is currently a work in progress.
Note: Things crossed out have been accomplished, not removed from the list.  

have an amazing party of a wedding
take a hip-hop dance class
participate in a flash mob
visit japan
get a terminal degree
shopping trip in new york
publish a work of fiction
have a meal at club 33 in disneyland
take culinary classes
figure out my stomach problems
buy a home
have a vacation with all my cousins
travel around Europe more
teach my kids to ski
re-learn american sign language
find a career that I love
bake a perfect cheesecake
throw an annual party that everyone looks forward to
participate in a council/panel on a topic i'm passionate about
go on a retreat
do another ropes course
preform with a live band
have more girls weekends (1)
cross country road trip
preform rocky horror one more time
autumn on the east coast
take a train trip
see the northern lights
take a mud bath
own my own car
live in the city for a year
live in another country (not just an extended vacation)
finish reading finnegans wake
lord of the rings tour of new zealand
explore iceland
attend an outstanding in the field dinner
tulip fields in amsterdam
night time football on the beach ala point break
attend more local sporting events
skate with roller derby team
run a marathon
host a murder mystery party
have a photo tradition with my husband and kids
japanese wisteria tunnel