Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I require pearls

I made my first from scratch Red Velvet cake with cream cheese frosting this weekend. It caused in to realize that I need a string of pearls. Yes, you read that right. Pearls.

Let me start over...

Last week they painted the inside of my flat. Without warning. It was kind of a disaster. And, gasp!, I had to bake for a dinner party I was going to. But, silver lining: I was able to use my Mom's newly remodeled kitchen to bake. It's like 5x as big as my kitchen and, right now, like a billion x less filled with paint dust

So, my mom comes home to find me mixing the last of the cake batter together - part dry, mix; part wet, mix; repeat. I'm pretty sure that she has no idea who I inherited my culinary skills from because all she can do is make scrambled eggs (but for the record, they are the best scrambled eggs ever. We call them "rubber eggs" because that's what her dad called them. I judge all other eggs by this standard... ) She seemed impressed by my use of the electric mixer that she got as a wedding present when she married my dad in the '70s. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who has ever really put it to much use.

ANYWAY, I baked the cakes and then made my first attempt at cream cheese frosting all while watching Julie & Julia. I think they provided moral support of some kind because my frosting came out surprisingly well. I did a victory dance. Seriously. Then I licked the beaters.

This all has a point, though, I swear.

See, the dinner party was on Saturday night and I was putting all this together on Friday night because I had to work on Saturday during the day. So, I bring my cakes back to my newly painted flat with the plan of frosting and assembling the layers after work before the party.

The next day I get off work, take a quick shower, and change for the party. I decided to wear a vintage style dress. I throw an apron over the dress and assemble and frost the cake. It actually looked pretty good, too!

My first Red Velvet Cake with cream cheese frosting. Note the skull and cross bones plate.

Then I realized that my friends were coming over to carpool to the party and that my house was still covered in paint dust. Which is why I was holding a broom and sweeping the house in a vintage dress, heals, and an apron when they all arrived.

All I was missing was the pearls.

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