Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lose Yourself

Best work conversation ever? Check.

I just opened a Dove Promise and read the quote inside as my co-woker walks by.

Me: I think I just got an Eminem quote in here.

Mindy: What is it?

Me: "Lose yourself in the moment."

Mindy: Yeah, is that the same brand that makes them both?

Me: I don't know... But, um, I mean the rapper. Not the candy.

Mindy: Is ir on the outside of then? Of the bag?

Me: I'm talking about the Rapper. Not a wrapper.

Mindy: Of M&M's.

Me: No. Eminem. The Rapper. Didn't he have a song that won a Grammy with this line?

Mindy: ...

Me: He raps. He's a Rapper. Eminem.

Mindy: OH!

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