Thursday, March 10, 2011

Butter Sandwiches?

So, this happened the other day – and when I say "the other day" it could mean yesterday or 3 months ago.  Anyway, I asked Boyfriend to write me a message on my back with his finger and I would guess what he wrote.

He starts by writing it all at once, which is, of course, wrong. . .

Me: You're doing it wrong.

Boyfriend: Did you write the rules for back writing?

Me: Yes.  Just now.  You have to do it one word at a time and I have to guess. 

Boyfriend: OK. Fine.

He writes the first word on my back. . .

Me: Butter? It has a T-T-E-R at the end.

Boyfriend: Butter?

Me: Yeah, Butter.

Boyfriend: No.

He writes the second word. . .

Me: Sandwich?

Boyfriend: It had two S's.

Me: Sandwiches? Butter Sandwiches.

Boyfriend: No.  I said it wasn't butter.  I'll do it again.

He does it again. . .

Me: It has T-T-E-R at the end. But it's not butter?

He writes again. . .

Me: Potter? It's Potter?

Boyfriend: Yeah. Second word.

He writes again. There is a long pause. . .

Me: Did you just write "Potter Stinks" on my back? Like the badges?

Boyfriend: hahaha Yeah.

Me: Not "I love you" or "You're cute" or anything like that.  You went with "Potter Stinks."

Boyfriend: Yep.

Me: Ok.

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