Friday, June 17, 2011

Fashion Friday: June 13 – 17

This week felt pretty fast probably because I had a few things to look forward to: Fellowship in theaters and a photo shoot with the lovely and talented Barb – I hope to share the photos when I get to see them.  So this week's wardrobe was all over the map, including a purple Hawaiian-esque dress I wore with pearls on Wednesday that I managed to not get a picture of (which is OK, because it means I can wear it again and you guys will never know).

I love this dress.  It's from Target and is actually more of a coral-orange than the pink it look in this pic.  It's cotton and drapes like a dream and has enough detail to keep it interesting; the sweater is another Christmas gift is is probably from Nordstrom or Macy's or something; the shoes are Tom's wedges which I live in (I think I wore them 3 times this week... is that a valid reason for buying more pairs?); the belt came with a skirt and the earrings are also Target.

You may recognize this outfit as it was peaking out behind me polishing off a pizza before LoTR the other night.  I really like how this came together... The blazer is actually an awesome red lined with white polka-dots on blue and it's cropped so you roll the sleeves; the shorts are super high wasted and I thought it was a skirt at first, though I also thought the pattern was bunnies (they're deer) – both items are from H&M; the shirt you can kinda see blue and from Anthropolgie and I've worn it before; earrings are from a Kate Spade sample sale and you can't see them but, you guessed it, Tom's wedges!

So, this is something that I had wanted to try for a while now: shorts with tights.  I think it kinda worked.  The tights are from Target and the unseen boots are Cathy Jean; the shorts are H&M and I adore them because a) they are purple and b) they were under $20; the shirt is from the Van's Outlet which I used to pass all the time driving between the Bay Area and Monterey, and it's paird with a boring Old Navy tank top underneath; And another mysterious Christmas sweater – it matches the one in the above post because it was given to my sister who traded it to me for another sweater I got.. now I have twinsies!

 I guess I'm inadvertently doing a monochromatic thing if I ditched the sweater.  I didn't actually realized that I own this much navy blue nor did I intend to wear it all at the same time...  Anyway, we see a repeat of my favourite Genetic jeans and – oh wow! – Tom's again (but at least they are flats this time); the shirt is shirt is Jones New York from Ross and the sweater is from Nordstrom; you can hardly see the necklace but it's this awesome beaded mess which I discovered in the communal jewelry drawer at home! 

To round our this busy week, I have band practice tonight (actually it's happening right now in the other room).  Boyfriend and maRk are playing with some amazing sounds in Logic and I'm polishing off a bottle of wine and writing melodies.  And that's just the start of this weekend that will be full of awesomeness – I'll be seeing Harry and the Potters for the first time in a few years and going to a Jurassic Park themed birthday for my dear friend, Peter! 

Any else have awesome plans this weekend?

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