Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Pink Prom 3-D

Did you hear?  My friends, sisters Diana & Megan, threw a totally awesome party for a totally worthy cause: Pink Prom 3-D, A Benefit Dance for the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer.

This is the 3rd year they've put this event on and the second year that I've gone. This year Diana, Megan, and I all had the same hair cuts and we all wore strapless pink dresses.  How awesome?  Maybe it's a side effect of knowing someone since like 4th grade...

Last year, I went with my friends and asked Mr. Orlando Furioso to be my "date" because Boyfriend was visiting family.  Orlando bought me copious amounts of gin & tonics and I spent the drive home reciting everything that I had ever read on Wikipedia about roller coasters.  Seriously.  Roller coasters.

This year, I had Bear, Boyfriend & and a Betsy Johnson dress.  And I didn't drink too much or rant and rave about amusement park rides.  I did however dance the night away and I had a rediculiously awesome time in the photo booth they had set up.

Allow me to take you through the night in pictures – all photos by the fabulous Gary Sexton Photography!

Our Prom group shot: Me & Boyfriend, Peter & Marian, Bear & Mwongola.  Aren't we all pretty in pink – you see what I did there?  

Here's our first "couple" picture.  Note that Boyfriend keeps sticking his head into the frame with the 3-D glasses – I think it looks like R2D2.  This is before drinks and I'm still jumping into him...
We had to make sure to get an awesome sister picture.  In case you're wondering, me and my sister will challenge you and your sister to the K12 any day of the week.  Just say when.
Then we met a couple and started chatting.  Then decided to take pics with them, like you do.  I also, at some point, started talking about how I used to play Columbia in The Rocky Horror Picture Show hence the sign.  And I decided that the bird Boyfriend his hold is the Maltese Falcon (no one knew what I was on about. How sad).

At some point in the night I started channeling Cha-Cha from Grease when, at the dance, she cuts in on Danny & Sandy to win the Hand Jive competition.  What I'm doing in that last picture is shaking my dress, which was fluffed out with tulle, like she does when they win.  This seemed like a good idea.  Also, Boyfriend started doubling up on glasses...

And then Boyfriend gets artsy and my eyes get wonky.  That last frame is so amazing, I know you are wishing you could be so cool. 
I had a total blast at the party and it was for such a good cause.  Trust me, the photos are just a snapshot of the awesomeness.  And you can check out the website and see the rest of the party pics, too.

So, thanks Diana & Megan.  You ladies rock.

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