Saturday, September 17, 2011

High Maintenance Machines

I'm learning a lot from Dresstember so far.  For one, I don't own nearly enough dresses with pockets.  This is an issue at work when I need to carry my phone around, but even more so because I have nowhere to clip my security badge unless I'm also wearing a belt.  Secondly, I'll never regret wearing tights (you can always take them off), but I pretty much always regret not putting them on.

September 14 – 16

Wednesday – This was a holiday dress from Target last year or the year before...?  The only problem is that it basically does not have a back, so I always have to wear a sweater when at work.  This time it was a problem because the office seemed to make up for the broken air conditioner on Tuesday by cranking up the air on Wednesday, so no back and no tights... freezeville.  But cute, yeah?

Thursday  – God, I look tired in this picture.  The dress is H&M and  I learned my lesson the day before and packed tights so that when I went to my class in The City I could be warm enough, which was good since I got into a row with the ticket machine at the BART station and missed a train to the city and then again on the way back.  But at least I was warm.

Friday – Again an H&M dress, which I only have a few of because I generally think it starts for Hit/Miss.  I actually really love this dress with the flower tights.  It make me feel whimsical and fun.  And perfect for unintentionally spending 3 hours at my favourite mexican restaurant with some of my favourite people on a Friday night.

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