Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Photo Envy

Considering Boyfriend is a photographer, I do seem to end up with some lame photos.  It's not his fault, of course.  I always wait until the last possible moment before I ask him to take a picture of the dress I'm wearing.  Over the past 3 days, only one of these has been durring daylight.  I should work on this – I get envious of all the fancy fashion blog photos I see!

Well, as usual I'm late in updating, so here are the past 3 days worth of Dresstember outfits.

September 4 – 6

The first dress is from Target – I have it in 3 different colours, which you may see soon.  It got suddenly cold on Sunday and so we added tights, boots, and a sweater. Ta-da! Fall clothes!

The second is either from the GAP outlet or the Banana Republic outlet... I have no idea which because it was years ago.  I think it was actually marketed as a sweater dress.  It has a giant ribbon, which is good to hide my ice cream tummy when needed ;)

Finally, the third dress is from Ross as picked out my mom, The Queen.  It's warm and springy (as suddenly it was summer again on Tuesday).  You know I'm a sucker for purple of all shades.

Well, so far so good.  This would be way harder if I had to wear pants for a month!

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