Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I need a new pose

So, I'm jumping around a bit because I had one of the most awesome weekends I've had in a long time.  And because of that, I have dress photos from last Wednesday, Thursday, and today.  This weekend will be covered when I get the pics back from Boyfriend and my amazing photographer friends, and suffice to say that Sunday and Monday were lost in a haze of a partial hangover and then pure laziness (I didn't ever change out of my yoga pants or leave the house...).

September 7th, 8th, and 13th.
Wednesday – this was a thrift store gem I found 10 years ago.  It originally had these hideous bell-sleeves that my Mom helped me remove.  It's light and flattering and one of my all time favourite dresses.  Also, please note Bunnydict Cumberstatch – my bunny with a mustache.

Thursday – Speaking of my Mom, this is her favourite outfit that I wear.  The dress is a Jessica Simpson (that reminds everyone of a Spirograph) and the jacket is is People's Liberation – both from ideeli.com (such a shopping problem for me!).  Of course, my Mom thought this was actually a dress Jessica Simpson wore at one point, so I stopped explaining brands to her.

Tuesday – My Kate Spade giraffe dress came last week and I got to rock it today.  Everyone loved it and lucky for me the air conditioning in my building was broken so I didn't have to put a sweater over it or anything!  Seriously, I could just wear her stuff forever.

But seriously guys, I need a new pose for these pictures.  I should work on that.

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