Sunday, February 5, 2012

2011 Recap

Welcome to 2012.

I haven’t updated this since Oct., mostly because I'm very easily distracted by other things, but maybe a little bit because I’m horrible at commitments that rely on only myself.  I suppose I should make some sort of resolution to keep my blog up to date – oh! Wait, I did that last year.  It sort of worked, at least I had a good run for a while.  

I have decided to make more of an effort.  I do miss blogging; it really did help me stay in the habit of writing.  So, to kick that off, here’s what you’ve been missing in my life!


I was going to attempt to do movie reviews while, ahem, altered and successfully did one.  I do have two more to post and will work on getting those edited so they are intelligible. 
I had also been training for The Warrior Dash, which took place on Oct 29th.  It was so much fun: a 3 mile fun-run with obstacles, mud, and fire.  I did it in just under 40 mins, which isn’t too much longer than my normal mile-pace (and that included all the obstacles) and I only ended up with some minor cuts and bruises.  I’m already excited for next year’s race. 

Then for Halloween, Boyfriend and I went as Lady Sherlock and Dr. Watson.  Really, it was an excuse to get Boyfriend to grow a mustache, wear a top hat and vest, and essentially dress like Jude Law’s Watson.  Luckily for me he was a good sport about it. AND lucky for the party we went to, Carmen San Diego showed up and tried to steal the Eiffel Tower – through my deductions I was able to prevent this horrible crime to the sounds of Rockapella. 


I had planned on devoting my November to figuring out ways that I could enjoy a satisfying Gluten Free Thanksgiving.  I had plans for pies and stuffing and biscuits and everything.  Needless to say, that did not happen. 

I went up to Oregon in early November to visit my Aunts and my cousins while all the Uncles went on a fishing trip. This involved a lot of card games and chocolate.  Oh, and worrying that there might be a bear wandering around the property.  It was fun.

Because we had a shutdown at work during the week of Thanksgiving, I zoomed down to visit one of my best friends in San Diego.  We watched an insane amount of Doctor Who, drank wine (at one point we went to the grocery store and both bought a jar of salsa and a bottle of wine. Each.), and ate chinese takeaway.  It was absolutely perfect. 


And then suddenly it was December.  Boyfriend and I went to Disneyland with two of our friends – it was a surprise for one of them as a late birthday present.  We did something absolutely crazy like 30 hours in parks over 2 days.  We were completely wrecked at the end of the trip, but it worth it. 

December also happens to be my sister Bear’s birthday and to celebrate, she hosted a Tour d’Franzia.  Let me explain: We had 4 teams of 4, each with a box of Franzia and tricycles, mini bikes, and razor scooters.  It’s a race to the end of the bag so, the first person drinks for 5 seconds then rides around the course (in this case, we were on a cul-du-sac, so we had to basically make a loop from further down the street), once they cross the finish line the next rider drinks and so on.  This lead to everyone being completely gone by about 2pm.  I ended up with a giant contusion on my head from a beer can and a broken toe, complete with bruises all over my body.  The fact that I’m my late twenties means I should know better, I suppose, but it was a blast. 

In contrast, we had a nice low key Christmas and New Years.  I spent the time off work recovering from the aforementioned party.  My foot is still messed up and until this week, I hadn’t been able to get it inside of shoe except an Ugg.  So, yes, I did go to a New Years party in a dress with Uggs on.  

So, yeah.  Those were the highlights of the remainder of 2011.  Here’s to 2012 and the hope that I can motivate myself to stay more on top of my own goals. 

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