Monday, February 6, 2012

Feb Photo a Day: Days 1 – 6

So, in an attempt to start updating this more regularly again, I'll be posting the photos that I take for fatumumslim's February Photo a Day Challenge.  All of these were processed and posted with Instagram.

Day 1: Your View Today
This is Redwood City at night.  It's hard to see, I know, but I forgot to take a picture until it was already dark.  In the day, however, you can see all the way to the East Bay though why anyone would want to look at the East Bay is anyone's guess. 

Day 2: Words
This is why my best friend is so amazing.  I can send her a text message like this and without questioning anything, she responds back with something brilliant.  All you need in here is a Doctor Who reference and this conversation would epitomize us both.

Day 3: Hands
It's funny that this was the challenge of the day because I painted my nails for the first time in ages on Monday and had posted a picture of my hands then, so I didn't want to do the same thing twice.  Luckily for me, I was out with friends and had my hands wrapped around my drink of choice: a gin & tonic.

Day 4: [a] Stranger
I assume this was supposed to mean I needed to take a picture of a stranger.  Instead, I bent the rules and just used "stranger" and posted a Tour d'Franzia picture because, really, there is not a lot of things that are stranger than this CSUMB tradition.

Day 5: 10am
I had brunch with a good, but seldom seen, ex-coworker this morning, so I had to get my ass out of bed much earlier than I would have liked for a Sunday morning.  This was me after the shower, trying to figure out the strange winter weather we're having in Nor Cal this year.  In the end, I decided on a dress – like I do.

Day 6:  Dinner
Every Monday night a group of us get together for "wing night."  This is in quotes because over the past year or so, we've moved past getting wings every Monday to eating at a variety of places.  Tonight, our friends Nicole and JR made homemade quinoa fried rice, sesame chicken, and salad – and it was all gluten free and super delicious!

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