Monday, February 27, 2012

Feb Photo a Day: Days 20 – 25

Day 20: Handwriting
I have horrible handwriting.  More specifically, I feel like I have schizophrenic handwriting.  It will start out nice at the top of a page, but half way down it's as if someone else has taken over.  It's horrible – this is a short story draft and I can hardly read it!

Day 21: A Favourite Photo of Me
In college, as a gift to my boyfriend at the time, I worked with one of my photographer friends to create a series of pinup shots for the boyfriend's birthday.  This is one of my favourite of the set and one my favourite pictures of me ever.  It's the little things like the chipped nail polish that make it stand out to me.

Day 22: Where I Work
So, ironically, I had called out sick this day and couldn't take a pic of where I work.  But the next day, I took this somewhat lame picture of the words in the lobby of my building.  I planned to do something cooler, since I work someplace pretty cool, but oh well.


Day 23: My Shoes
Another lame picture.  I am on a roll with these bad ones after having so many good ones... Ah well.  This was at the Regency Ballroom in SF and we were waiting to see Sleigh Bells.  Regardless, I love these boots.

Day 24: Inside my Bathroom Cabinet
The final super lame picture of this set.  I don't really have a bathroom cabinet and I spend so much of my time getting ready at places other than my house, that I keep everything in two bags that I bring with me everywhere.  For the record, I use about 25% of these products on a daily basis.

Day 25: Green
This is one of my favourite jackets ever.  I bought it in Dublin, Ireland about 8 years ago and it is the warmest jacket that I have.  It had been missing for quite a while, tho I recently relocated it in my sister's closet.  And now we are reunited, happy, and warm!

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