Monday, August 1, 2011

Awesome August : Day 1

Every year, the week leading up to my birthday, I celebrate the WOM – the Week of Meg.  This basically gives me an excuse to be sorta selfish and demanding, but also do a bunch of fun things before my actual birthday.  Usually this includes going to my favourite restaurants, seeing my favourite people, and getting pedicures.

Anyway, I'm usually in such a good mood during that whole week that I figured, why not try to keep it going.  So, I'm going to try Awesome August : 31 days of awesome things.

As we know, my love of Harry Potter is no secret.  But what might not have been well known is my love for the Malfoy family.  I happen to think that Draco, Lucius, and especially Narcissa are some of the most interesting characters in the story.  So, when my sister, Bear, went to get me a Harry Potter related birthday gift, Draco came to mind...

This is part of the first sentence of Chapter 10 Halloween from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and it's actually cut from the book itself.  The first word is Malfoy and the M can also double for Meg... So nerdy and narcissistic – just like me!

What book would you wear an except from around your neck?  I know Bear's holding out for The Lord of the Rings...


  1. My anniversary gift to Noah was basically Awesome July/August: a new spin on the advent calendar, with 30 days of awesome things.

  2. So glad you love your necklace Meg! Bear told me how much you loved it and I didn't realize what your name was until she saw it, so it was meant to be :)

    Thanks for the lovely blog post, can't wait to share it!

    ~Christy aka Lil' Seeds