Saturday, August 6, 2011

Awesome August : Day 6

Today I went to see Captain America with my Dad, my Stepmom, Bear, and Boyfriend.  It's crazy, but I swear I haven't been to the cinema with my Dad since we saw Blues Brothers 2000!  My Dad is always amusing when we are out and about: today, when getting the movie tickets, he told the guy he needed tickets for "four adults that act like children."

I really enjoyed Captain America.  I loved the aesthetic of the film – it was visually beautiful and it wasn't too campy or overly patriotic. And I loved the references to all of the other films leading up to The Avengers (especially the quick glimpse of my new crush, Loki, after the credits).

If the film had a fault, however, it was not enough Stanley Tucci.  Of course, I generally think that one cannot have too much Stanley Tucci... And this is probably just me, but I felt like half of Hugo Weaving's lines were just the same ones he said during The Counsel of Elrond in The Fellowship of the Ring, except with a German accent and a World War II twist.  Oh, I totally thought that Dr. Arnim Zola looked like Lionel Twain from Murder By Death (is that too obscure of a reference?), then I found out that Toby Jones actually played Truman Capote...

All in all it was a good movie with good company.  Happy Saturday!

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  1. Watch it again. When the Red Skull is talking, close your eyes. Visualize Werner Herzog. Giggle.