Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Awesome August : Day 30

My best friend T lives in Orange County, so since high school we really haven't gotten a change to spend as much time with each other as we would both want.  But when we do spend time together we are awesome at eating frozen yogurt and shopping.  And it's T that I blame for my newish Kate Spade addiction.  T's always been a fan and either the Kate Spade line has changed or my tastes have changed, but I LOVE it all now.  And T knows this.

Which is why this morning, I got an IM from her with nothing but a link to a Kate Spade sample sale.  And then she asked why I hadn't bought the giraffe dress yet – good question!  So, I may or may not have bought two Kate Spade dresses this morning...  But I will say that with the 75% off, both dresses combined were less that either of them full price!

The one on the left is the Two By Two Dress – it's so ME isn't it?!  And the second one is an Ikat Caroline Dress that I hope to transition from summer to fall.  I swear, I should just not buy anything at all and just wait for these sales to come around.  I'm smitten with both (and more to be honest)!

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