Friday, August 12, 2011

Awesome August : Day 12

Tonight we had our first band practice since, gosh, June maybe?  There's been vacations, sickness, family obligations, and product launches keeping us apart for over a month. So, of course we had to chat (read: gossip) for a while about all of those things that were keeping us from practicing.  Then we had to have in depth conversations about a) how the Beach Boys concert was and the everlasting awesomeness of the band, and b) comic books (yeah, we get sidetracked by things I don't even care about.  How strange). 

When we did get around to picking up instruments, we didn't do anything too serious – some old stuff, some playing with effects, a cover of "Sloop John B" since we're on a Beach Boys kick still.

But that's the best part of band "practice" for me.  It's getting together and, yeah, if we play music it's awesome, but even if we don't it's always a good time.  I just with the others were around, too.

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