Monday, August 29, 2011

Awesome August : Day 29

Have you ever known one of those couples that is just so cute they are annoying?  My co-worker's birthday was today and as usual, I came prepared with some baked goods (m&m's cookies), but then his girlfriend had to steal my thunder by sending him a cake AND balloons AND chocolate covered strawberries.  How annoying!  But his manager brought some of the awesomeness back to the co-worker team by bringing in big bowl of wild animal and ninja figurines.  So, this is how we spend part of our day at work...

But it's all OK.  Tonight I got to be part of my own annoyingly cute couple.  After spending part of Saturday night watching the boys play Pai Gow Poker in Vegas and my quick mastery of that game once we got home, Boyfriend has decided that he needs to teach me how to play Texas Hold 'em.  So, we played with another couple – also one who knows how to play and one who doesn't really.  I kept arbitrarily changing the denomination of the poker chips, claiming they were anywhere between $1 to $1 million.  (I may have also stolen from the bank when no one was looking...)

Boyfriend is ridiculously patient, tho.  I stayed in for stupid cards and bet for no real reason mostly.  However, I think I eventually got the hang of it and I actually won a hand or two.  And through all of that, Boyfriend didn't get annoyed (until we started pushing all of our chips in for no real reason). 

I think it's safe to say that I'll never be a poker player.  For one, I'm scared to play for real money.  For another, I am never sure what I'm supposed to do on each turn.  But if I do ever play, my strategy will be to seem distracted all the time – oh maybe I shouldn't have told you that... Oops.

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