Saturday, August 13, 2011

Awesome August : Day 13

I spent a beautiful, clear, warm day in The City with Boyfriend and our friend Michael.  The boys took pictures, I wandered around the Union Square shops, we ate fancy burgers, and we drove over the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time in ages.  Once across, the boys took more pictures and I wandered around old Sausalito (where I feel I should brunch soon).

I live so close the San Fransisco that I really should spend more time exploring "my city," so to speak.  There are a handful of places I could get to in my sleep and that I know like the back of my hand, but honestly, The City isn't huge and I should be more familiar with it.

Of course, today just got me more excited at the prospect of re-introducing SF to my "cousin" Kate when she comes to visit next month!  I just hope we get a day that's half as nice as today and I'll be happy.

And I know I'm going to wish later on that I wrote more today, but I am so exhausted, this is the best that I can do.  Sorry, folks...

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  1. :) I cannot wait! I am so excited to explore with one of my favourite people in the whole world! <3